[Event System] cannot read property 'notify' of undefined

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Published on 2019-06-11 by Leonardo Fernandes
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Published on 2019-06-11 by Leonardo Fernandes

Hi Leonardo,

Unfortunately I am still stuck using Outsystems 9.0 ( to be exact, and I can't update to Outsystems 10), and I'm using the latest event system for that version to trigger form validation/saving inside a web block. The web block is in two places on the screen, one of which is inside a list record but the validation itself seems to be working correctly which is good. I have an ajax submit in the screen and whenever there is a missing input or validation issue, the page refreshes with the error messages. However, whenever the page refreshes, I receive the following javascript error:

which is this block of code (that I don't really know what is doesn't because closed-source):

window.OsNotifyWidget = function(a) {
        return function(b, d) {
            "string" == typeof b ? a(b, d) : b.notify(c.Event("notify"), d)

Additionally, I also receive this error when it happens:

I'm using the event system in another espace, and I'm not receiving these errors there so it's clearly something in this screen but I can't figure out what. Do you have any idea what could be the cause of either of these and how to fix them?

Hello there,

Doing an HTTP request to https://leonardofernandes.outsystemscloud.com/Licensing/, seems that it's not working anymore - therefore, the cause of the error.

I believe only Leonardo can help on this one.


The javascript validation is fine. The problem was I had a FeedbackMessage widget on my screen that I was refreshing to show some error messages. The refresh didn't reassign the NotifyWidget variable (that is from outsystems/RichWidgets so I can't change it) so the javascript that was originally in the widget was no longer there. Anyway, I had to change the layout of my screen so it wasn't using the RichWidget FeedbackMessage because the overriding refresh part was the problem.

I still don't know what the licensing thing is for but it doesn't seem to be affecting the screen performance so I'm not that bothered by it.

Hi Brit'ne Sissom, sorry for the late reply.

Could you send me an espace that reproduces this problem? I will try to fix it during this weekend and I can release a version that is compatible with 9.0.

As for the licensing, that was used in 9.0 as a probe so I could see how the component was being used and who was using it. The component was always free, but the source code was licensed, and the probe was a mechanism to measure the value of the component.

Licensing of the event system component no longer applies (I think I opened the source on 9.1 release), so that endpoint was removed from my personal environment. However the probe was implemented in such a way that it would never impact any user in case it failed.

I passed for this error just today, and I solved putting the "RichWidgets\Feedback_Message" in the layout, because I'm using a custom layout as a result the "RichWidgets\Feedback_Message" is not started like in the default layouts.