[MultipleSelection] Multiple Selection

[MultipleSelection] Multiple Selection

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Published on 31 May by Palash Debnath
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Published on 31 May by Palash Debnath


First of all congrats for the component. 

I would like to ask you how should work the multiple selection of elements from the list? Since, from what I checked, it is just saving the last Id picked. I thought that it would save to the variable all the Id's checked on the combo.  

Kind regards,

João Tavares

Looks like its saving a comma delimeted list of values selected to the intOptionValues variable. So you would need to parse through that list to understand what was chosen, similar to the MultipleSelect component

Hi João,

i am very sorry for the late reply.

Keith is right about the selection. it creates a comma delimited list with all the selected option values.

Thanks & Regards,