Deploy between different Platform Server versions


Do you know if we can do a deploy between servers with different Platform Server versions, while the source server has a lower version (let's say 10.0.7xx) than the destination server (let's say 10.0.8xx)?

I know that this is not common, but we might end up in this situation and we would like to know if there is a way out of it without upgrading all the servers with the latest Platform Server.



Hello Coz.,

Pass a solution is usually possible as it will be upgrades.

When the difference is just small release, in general there will be no breaking changes in Lifetime API, and other services, so, deploy through lifetime may be also possible.

In any case, the better is to open a support ticket and ask for your specific case.



I have a similar question with a variation.

Just upgraded DEV (minor version release) but not yet in UAT (slightly older version).   

 Can I deploy solution from higher version source to lower version target ?



Hi Andrew,

It is not recommended that you publish code from a higher version into a lower version, specifically when reaching Production as the code will be different across environments, and unwanted behaviors can appear.

The only way you can do this safely is for example using the following approach:

- You develop your application in DEV and stage it to UAT.

- You perform the needed tests in UAT.

- You update the DEV and UAT platforms.

If at this moment you stage your applications from UAT to PRD, your tests will still be valid as the code compiled in PRD will still be using the same versions that the code was developed.

Hope it helped.

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