How I can Find Environment Name (Devolopment-Test-Production)

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to write Environment Name (Dev-Test-Prod) on the main page of mobile application.

When i open my application. I must understand which environment i am using?

I am trying to understand with HTTPRequestHandler.GetRequestDomain.Is there any different way?

Thank You

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We use GetServerName() from RichWidgets.


I have changed thank you.

You're welcome :)

Hello Kilian,

I did not understand why it does not work. it depends on server and client side ?

Hi Ahmet,

GetServerName() is also a Function, so you can use iit directly in an Assignment or Expression (no need to call it as an Action, though you can, if you prefer). That said, I'm not sure what you're debugging. "OutEnvironmentName" is presumably a Local Variable, but do you assign it the output of GetServerName? If you step over GetServerName, what does the debugger show its output is?

Does get ServerName()  work on personal environments?