Library of Email Templates

Hi All, 

Where can I find email templates that I can use for an application? Is there a library of them anywhere?



Hello André,

An email template is basic an a layout used for eMail page, pretty much like a layout of a web page.
Silk UI must have 3 templates if I my memory is good. 

You can create your own, of course.

Don't know about any template library. You may look in Forge, but If I had to bet, I would say that there isn't any (I may be wrong).



Hi Andre,

This sample module has 2 examples of email layouts, but in fact is not a library of emails template. It is jut an idea about it.



Thank you Eduardo & Fabio, that is as close as possible to a library at the moment. I have added the idea to the ideas box, but this will likely surface as a forge component at somepoint. Any takers? 


Hi André,

Like Eduardo said, an E-mail Screen in OutSystems is very similar to a Web Screen. For example, any data the E-mail Screen needs it needs to fetch itself (from the database), as when "calling" an E-mail Screen, you cannot pass stuff like Lists. So though you may have "templates" in a sense that you can copy them design time, there's no easy way, let alone a generic way, to create templates you can use runtime.