Table check - color change

Hi All,

I am trying to build a simple app that will have few buttons/ boxes that will represent tables.

The table will start at a certain color, let's say white. Once someone click on it, the table will change from white to Yellow. If you click again, it will go from Yellow to Green. Another click and it all go back to square one.

The idea is to create a floor plan for waiters. 


Hello Victor,

Did you finish the online training already? If no, I suggest you to go to the Learn center and pick one of the online trainings: Web or Mobile.

Also, I write an article about how to ask for help here. You may find it useful when preparing a question.

Said that, what exactly is your problem? Where are you stuck? What did you tried already?


Hi Victor, I'd say the best path is using CSS with javascript.

Have a look at this:

Hi Victor, I first thought about a simple way envolving database, Javascript and CSS:

The idea is implementing a "Counter" atribute that would be incremented everytime the user clicks the table using the extended propertie "onclick":

1 - The user clicks the table row;

2 - The system executes a click on a link that is linked to an screen action;

3 - The action gets the number of the count for the current clicked register of the table and increments +1;

4 - The extended propertie of the table row should have the logic using the propertie "Style" to define the color of the row.

I gave the example thinking of web environment, but the same logic could be used for mobile apps, botões, etc.

I hope it helped.

Let me know.

Hi All,

Thanks for the replies! 

I have started the tutorial videos, however, my idea is much more simple than the simplest things on that tutorial. I am struggling with the interface still, and I believe I will get over it soon.

The programing part is not hard, what gets me is which interface to use to be able to draw my "tables" and get a design, then code on top of it.

I will do a research and see what I can learn from what is already around here.