OutSystems +Unity or other mobile game platforms

Has anyone even embedded a game inside of an OutSystems-based native mobile app?

I am interested in using UNITY as the mobile game dev tool - BUT - would launch the game(s) from an OutSystems-based native mobile app.

Any recommendations?

Hi Bruce,

I didn´t work with games in platform yet, but other day I read a post about it.

Take a look into https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/21842/can-outsystems-p10-be-used-to-build-games/  , maybe you can have some tips for your need . :)

Best regards

Fabio Fantato

I don't yet experience games in outsystems. So is the game on outsystems is good? I used Kodi for games this is top gaming system to rival the games consoles of today.


With unity you have the option to generate native iOS or Android app. In outsystems mobile you can use a plugin to launch other apps on yourobikr device.

Or did you mean to integrate the unity JavaScript implementation inside your mobile application