Error to install app from Forge

Error to install app from Forge


I am a fresh user of outsystems. I just installed service studio and attempted to install 'Silk UI Web' from Forge. But it turned out to pop up an error message half way through the installation (Couldn't remember the error message since I fail to replicate such issue). Then I thought to go to Forge and install the application again. After several seconds of checking and loading the place where an 'install' red button supposed to be shown is now instead a text 'installed'.

However in the main page of my outsystems there is no application shown at all.

I am wondering if I can attempt to install the app again?

Silk UI doesn't show up as an installed module, nor do any of the templates or themes.

However, you will now be able to add a dependency to WebPatterns in your module, and access all the Silk UI framework.