[BPTExample] BPT Example's Try Now requires users for login

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Published on 2018-08-10 by JitendraYadav
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Published on 2018-08-10 by JitendraYadav

Hi Jitendra,

For your BPT Example component, it isn't possible to Try Now because your pages have roles defined and you haven't provided any info about which users and passwords we could use for each role.

If you could provide those for that would make Try Now useful.  If you'd prefer not to create and share user info, then just remove the Try Now button.

BPT Example created with the 3 roles as given below,

1. Creator : Create the Task

For this you can application registered users like "BPTExampleUser".

2. Assigner : Assign the Task to Reviewer

Create Role with the Name "Assigner". and assign this role to one user.

3. Reviewer : Reviewer review the Task

Create Role with the Name "Reviewer" and assign this to different user.

Hi Jitendra,

You're right, creating the roles and users will work as you have described if I download your module and work on it locally in my personal environment.

The Try Now button that is available for your component on the Forge lets people run and view the version running in your server.  At the moment, that button isn't very helpful because we're immediately challenged to log in to your server and you haven't provided any sample users to access it.

Maybe you could create some sample users and post them in the "Details" description area of your Forge component.  If that doesn't make sense, then maybe you should remove the Try Now button from your component.


1. Create -: ID=create,PWD=123456

2. Assign-:ID=assign,PWD=123456



Please use this for try now


That link and the users work great.

Thanks for setting it up!

Scott Karabin wrote:

That link and the users work great.

Thanks for setting it up!

Great....Thanks Lot.

hi Jitendra,

I want to try this component, but unable to access your environment https://jitendrayadav84.outsystemscloud.com/BPTExample/

Does it exist now?

I also tried creating users with the roles specified, still I get 'Invalid permisssions' error .

Pls suggest.