SMS Flow - how to test a eSpace in Service Center?

SMS Flow - how to test a eSpace in Service Center?


I have developed a eSpace with a SMS Flow for testing pourposes. I also defined a phone in our Service Center.

How can i test if the SMS Flow is working propertly? when i try to Queue a SMS using the Service Center i dont get any message and seems the SMS isnt delievered. Nothing happends... and in the SMS log there is no entrys...

When i try to queue a SMS using Service Center, there are the following fields:
Sender MSISDN:
Operator Code:
Gateway Connection:

What do i have to put the operator code? and what should i put in the Gateway Connection? how do i test if the SMS Gateway is working properly?

Best regards,
Luis Paulo Soares
Hi Luis,

Did you check the Service Center online monitoring area (the last sub section in the Monitoring tab)? In that area you can see the status of the link between the SMS Gateway and the Hub Server.

If this connection is not working, you'll have no activity in the SMS logs (even when you queue teste SMS).

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