I have been looking into using IIS 8.0 Application Initialization to reduce loading times for our customers after a publish but can't seem to figure out how to trigger this after a publish. Does someone have experience with this? Can it only be be used after an app pool is rebooted or recycled or is there some way we could have IIS handle this after each code deployment? The WarmUp application from the Forge is a load of garbage..

Hi Vincent,

Please use out systems tool like service center or Life Time.


And how would that help us? As far as I know you cannot initialize the application from those tools.. I think this should be a major concern for OutSytems, the user experience really goes down the drain if you publish a lot.

Hi @Vincent, Have you managed some way to do it?

Hi Vincent, have you looked at the Microsoft Documentation for this component? You need to make some changes to at least one XML file to get things going;