Outsystems on AWS with dynamic scaling

Hi everyone,

Has any of you used AWS dynamic scaling with automatic depoyment of EC2 instances in order to automatically increase the number of Amazon EC2 instances during demand spikes to maintain performance.

If so, do you know any tutorial or use case that explains how to do it properly?

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Hi João,

I have not had to use it so far, but I'm curious about what do you mean by "doing it properly"... you mean what do you need to take into consideration from the OutSystems side of things? or in terms of AWS configuration and such?

Well I have seen a lot of information about horizontal scaling but they all require manual registering of the new front ends. By doing properly I mean what are the steps to automate this procedure so that I can add and infinite number of front ends automatically and still be able to get a good night of sleep ahahaha.

Ricardo Silva
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Hi João,

I never actually used AWS auto-scaling but in principle you should be able to use the Unattended Installation API to quickly boot up new servers.

For this I would have a standalone Controller outside the scaling group and add front-ends using the above API.

All you need is a proper image with platform pre-requisites installed, a place to put server.hsconf and private.key (s3 will do nicely), and a proper powershell installation script.

From my experience booting up a new front-end should take about 5 minutes (empty factory). A bigger factory may take some more.

If you have a proper health-check on your load balancer pointing to your application, you shouldn't have many issues with this.

Feel free to explore and share your progress / questions. I'll be happy to guide you through as needed.