Hi All,

          In export to excel, i need to export the multiple values in one column (EX: INDIA, USA, UK all 3 in one cell). I have a values in Entities ( 3 Entities) 1. main table, 2. Locations, 3. relation between table 1 and 2 ( Many to Many relation).

Like this 


- Navaneethan   


So what did you try, and where did you get stuck in trying to implement your requirement?



Hi Daniel,

The Result suppose to be in this image.

I can able to get all columns in this excel except USERLOCATIONS, I am Using SQL, I am Struck with the JOIN Statements

and Value 1-10 is Coming in Date Format (Total Users Column)



Hi Navaneethan,

For User Locations, I'd say depending on the data types and the kind of manipulations, you may be able to get away with using a Calculated Attribute on your Aggregate, but most likely will need to post-process your Aggregate List after fetching data and before converting to excel.

for the 1-10, I'd say that's an issue with how Excel determines how to display data, not how it was exported... you may consider adding ' at the beginning of the "Total Users" content (Excel interprets '1-10 as the string 1-10, and will not try to format it as anything else).