[Easy Gantt] Several Date Period for the same task in EasyGantt
Forge component by Guilherme Pereira


Is it possible to define more then one period for the same task in EasyGantt? For Example Task 'Do Work' from 2018-08-22 until 2018-08-25 and from 2018-08-28 until 2018-08-29.



Hi Roberto,

I don’t believe that is possible but you may want to check the plugin github page for more details on what can be done.



Hi Guilherme,

Thanks for your attention. I also think that it is not possible. I had a new demand in my application, but to solve it I used the FullCalendar 2, that was more appropriated, and allowed two events to same line. In this new application resource, I have row materials instead tasks, and its consume period forecast.

Best Regards,


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