Hi everyone!

I'm having a big problem.

Everytime I change characteristics in some containers or write css code in stylesheet in one particular page layer other pages suffer with that and change their characteristics to.

I'm working with other developer at the same time and he didn't change anything in CSS (and he's working in other webpages).

Someone knows what the problem is?

Thank's and best regards!


By the way, we're using service studio 10.0.9 and using outsystems cloud!


Hi Ricardo,

Did you inspect the element for where these styles are coming.you just inspect and let me know if it is coming from the same stylesheet?

because in our systems we define CSS like below.

1-inline i.e. extended property style

2-page level i.e specific to that page.

3- theme level 

you are saying you have added CSS  in your page and it's applying to another page as well.

so it should be applied to the specific page.



Hi PP!

The CSS definition is OK.

I think the problem is the fact that that specific page doesn't have placeholders.

I'll try to use other template for that specific page I'll report here.




It's not solved. What I saw is that I lost all styles applied to the widgets (like text_gray,Heading1,Green,...).

I don't understand why this is being lost.

Some help please?

Best regards!


See, text_gray, Heading1, Green all are classes which are defined in base theme styles i.e silk base theme,

check the new template base CSS is silk base theme or not. 



pankaj pant wrote:

See, text_gray, Heading1, Green all are classes which are defined in base theme styles i.e silk base theme,

check the new template base CSS is silk base theme or not. 



Yes, I know, and the base theme is the Lisbon template.

I change these characteristics in that specific widget and publish and that's fine. I don't change anything in that page and in minutes these characteristics had being lost. It's like the program erase that part because in the places that I changed parameters appears all blank. (Like corners with 20px in the container editor, later is 0px).

It seems like service studio overwrites that.

I really don't understand what is appening...

Hi Ricardo,

You do know that the order is important:


So, how the order is generated in the page itself:

  1. System style sheet for Container widgets in the Grid
  2. Web Blocks style sheet
  3. Theme style sheet, which also includes a base theme (if specified)
  4. Web Screens or Emails style sheet
  5. Theme extra style sheet, with the Grid settings defined in the Theme properties

As you can see, first the webblock style is applied then theme and finally the page itself.

Thus if you define something in a webblock with the same importance (selectors) it will get overwritten by the theme.

Furthermore, you can check it with chrom developer tools for example to see which styles have won and which are overwritten, this will also help you how and what.

If you still convinced you are right :), please provide a simple url or oml to cehck for ourselves with developer tools.

Hi J. and PP,

I'm not saying that I'm right, I think is that I'm not telling you correctly what's appening.

I understand what you booth are saying and I thank you for your help.

But let me see if I can explain better to you:

I write a new class for a container p.e.. I put like 20px in corners and padding top 10px. I click "Saver for reusable class" and give it the name "fdfefwrter". The container is like I want. I publish the app. I'll go see and that container is without that caracteristics and that class, that originally appears recorded in CSS stylesheet, isn't there, just desappears, like service studio trow that code away.

This appends in many different containers and widgets.

So, I'm sorry if I, at any time, was rude but was not my intention.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,