How to customize the Application Unavailable page?

How to customize the Application Unavailable page?


In Service Center you can go to an Application and click the Disable button. This makes the application show a generic page titled "Application Disabled".

Where is this page located?

Can I customize it per-application so that I can give better information specific to that application?

I tried searching the web, documentation, and forum and didn't find any related results. Not sure what other search terms to use.

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I guess you can achieve this in your App Server, for example IIS. Here, take a look:

Thank you for that suggestion. My role is developer and not so much DevOps where I'm at. I'm pretty far removed from server settings and don't have a lot of luck getting server changes made.

When you disable an application it presents a page that says:

I would love to be able to override this on a per-application basis so you aren't saying application X is disabled for reason X+1 when you're really disabling application Y.

Wouldn't this be awesome?