difference between server and client actions

So I'm working with another group, that is developing a rest API that will be used in a mobile application. I've added most of the api's, now I'm waiting for them to complete their implementation. I would like to stub out an api call to validate an authentication token. What I'm thinking about doing is creating an isValidToken client action that will always return True, and replace it with a server action once the other team has their api working. My question: if I delete the isValidToken client action and then create a server action named isValidToken, will I need to go through and update all calls to the previous client action, or will it work without updating them?

Hello James,

It is a funny question (interesting one), and I really don't know (while I will say that almost for sure you will be able to do what you want...

But... Why don't you try it and see what happens?


Hi James,

Client action is running on client side, on the other hand Server action is running on server side.

Sometimes there is a sensitivity when using Outsystems. Say it, in BPT, in the workflow editor when there is an impact analyst, there is a difference between copying an existing widget and creating a new one.