[Datepicker] How to select multiple dates from the date picker?
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Hi team,

Is it possible to select multiple dates from the date picker? Say, the user picks selects 3 dates from the date picker calendar?

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Can you elaborate your use case? Why would you need to select 3 dates in a row?

Hi Joao Melo,

Thanks for your reply. I've a business case where the user will select multiple dates from the calendar for a booking system. Based on the selected dates, I will have to populate booking information on the screen using client side code. I'm OK if this can be achieved by server side too. 

For example, take any online booking system, be it airliner or hotel where the user will select date range (from and to). But in my case, the user will select more than 2 dates.



I see. So you need to be able to select more than 1 range of dates.

I think it's doable but with some javascript hacking. I don't think there is any component with this feature out of the box.


Thanks Joao Melo, I will take a look into it. 

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