[Multiple Select] Takes time to retrieve data

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Published on 2014-05-02 by André Madeira
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Published on 2014-05-02 by André Madeira


we are successfully able to use this component. in our application we used 8 multiselects, 

its working fine, we are able to retrieve data. but its takes much time to load data.

if we use one multiselect or 6 multiselect or 8 multiselect it takes the same time.

can anyone help us to reduce the loading time.


Hello Navaneethan,

A List Box (and a Combo Box), will have in the HTML ALL the data you're loading.
So, if you are loading a LOT of data, it will take time to build the HTML, to the HTML to be send to the Browser and to render it.

How many records are you loading in them?

If there are too many records, you may consider using a different approach, like an input with the Input auto complete from the reach widget, where you can control more easily how many records will be present, or use a standard Table/List Records with pagination.