[Multilingual To Do] not able to choose any other language

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Published on 18 Jun by Labs
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Published on 18 Jun by Labs

not able to choose any other language except portugues -pt and polski - pl 

kindly guide me

Hello Raj,

This is a showcase application. It was made so you can take a look into the code and learn how to implement the multilingual component in mobile.

So, if you're able to switch languages and see the translation, the app is working. Not sure if they implemented more languages, but I don't see why they would.

What is you trying to do?



i need to change the language as below

Bengali, BanglaBN
 in the code they doesn't mean any specific code it fully depends on multilingual, could you please help on this 

Sorry, but I don't understand what you're trying to achieve.

If I understand correctly, the ToDo application you refer is a mobile application and as so, in order to do Multilanguage, it is showing you how to USE the Multilingual plugin to implement multilanguage in mobile (as there is no native support to multilanguage in mobile).

So, what you must do is to study this application in order to learn how to use this plugin to implement multilanguage.

One thing the plugin will NOT do is to implement automatically many different languages. You will have to implement them and provide the translation, If I am not mistaken (never used the component).

So, again, are you trying to USE the application referred (ToDo) or are you trying to LEARN how to use the Multilingual component?