[Simple Reports PDF] Page break inside print container
Forge component by Rafael Fantato


I am doing a report that has expressions up to 5000 letters long, how can I make the text go to the next page ? 

Now the text just fills up the page and cuts off the rest of the expression.


Hi! Unfortunately the breaking rule I did is for small content and text.

How does it work?
- With rows I do a for each row by JS and check if it is inside the current page. If it is inside, go to next line, if it is not, cut and paste to next page.

So for now, the layout that you make need to be thinking to fit the content in a page. (for example put a example text with 5000 chars and adjust the font-size).

The purpose was for simple reports without complex scenarios and print by browser only. For this kind of use, with a ''free text" I could't find a solution yet.

If you have any ideas, please, let's discuss it.

Hey Rafael

Thank you for the response. I actually came up with a fix for this. 

If the string (expression) I am working with is longer than lets say 2500 letters I split it up to two print containers. So the first 2500 letters are in the first print container and the rest in the second. It's working okay for now. 

Kind regards 


Hi Rafael

Has this issue been resolved in any of the newer versions?  

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