How to add "DONE" button in keyborad for iphone

Hi ,

I have been working in an ios application. 

When I click on a input box in an ios application usually it will display a "Done" or "Cancel" button at the top corner of the keyboard.

But in my app, there is no default display or such options available.

How can I add this feature in my app?


Ebina Sony

All replies are welcomed...

Thanks in advance :)

Hi Ebina

I tried a mobile app with a simple form (in an iPhone 5S) and when I start typing in an input my keyboard displays the "Done"...

I tested it under the OutSystems Now app.. can't say for sure if the behaviour will be the same natively.

Can you tell us how you're testing your app? In OS Now or by installing the IPA file?

Also, can you show us the layout of that specific screen? In terms of widgets used...


João Heleno

Hi João Heleno,

I am using the iPhone for testing.


A Ebina Sony

Me too. The question is: are you using the native app (IPA file) or are you using OutSystems Now to test your app?

I am using the native app (IPA file) for testing.


I fired up my ToDo app tutorial in OutSystems Now and all inputs have Done button.  What iOS version are you running?

The iphone version is 11.4. But when I tried I cant see the "done" button.

I see... I cannot test this because I don't have a Developer Account. I can only generate Android builds.

Even so, does this happen in all inputs or just a specific one?

In all input fields, the container field that contains the up and down arrow and the done button itself not appearing.