how to get query string parameter in outsystem

how to get query string parameter in outsystem?

any one have an idea or solution how query string can go to outsystem application?

and after that need also to get the parameter on the query string

thanks in advance guys!



Add an Input parameter to the page with the name of the parameter.


Afaque Shaikh

Hey Mark,

I'm not sure what you mean with query string parameter?
Do you mean something like a parameterized query? Or do you mean using a parameter as a bit of SQL to add to the query?

Outsystems automatically uses parameterized queries, so no need to worry there, if you wish to include SQL with a variable you need to create an advanced SQL and add a parameter in it, which you set to EXPAND INLINE = TRUE.

Hi Mark ,

In Outsystems you can define input parameters on the page which is similar to query string parameters , you can set them as mandatory or optional and while navigating to that page you can pass those parameter to the page . Also while calling the page through external source you can pass those parameter by appending the parameter and their values in query string format.