Hi all,

Really happy to see that there's such a thriving community on the outsystems forum.

I'm a new developer for outsystems with some web background. I'm trying to create a daily time table/agenda as seen in the image below:

The main idea is to create a daily view of events from multiple calendars in a structured way that's less cluttered than google calendar. There is also an extension in functionality to manage edits to this daily timetable.

I've looked at the forums:


This post suggests that it could be built from scratch in outsystems


Another post suggests some forge components that could be used. I've looked but none of them gives me the agenda view i would like.

On my part I've tried integrating https://fullcalendar.io/releases/fullcalendar-scheduler/1.9.4/demos/vertical-resource-view.html because it is the closest to what i need. 

However, performance in the app is not idle with 1s scrolling delays. My understanding is that mobile apps use react so using a jquery calendar plugin is not ideal. Also integrating data flows into the plugin from outsystems does not seem straightforward.

So my question is, would it be better to design the interface from scratch using basic outsystems components or modifying from a plugin like fullcalendar.io?  Obviously, it's difficult to give a complete answer to this but i would appreciate it if any of you could offer your expertise on this matter.

Thanks so much!



thank you so much.

lam bang wrote:

thank you so much.

Hi lam bang, 

Do you have any ideas on a solution?