Originating web screen

Originating web screen


Is there a way to know, inside a screen action, which web screen called the current web screen (where the action is being performed). I have a screen that can be called from various different places in my web application. It has several buttons, each with its own functionality, calling a local screen action. I would like have a target destination as the final node in a screen action that goes back to the calling web screen. Currently I have a lot of if statements and it's messy. Especially as there are (a lot) more of these seperate callers coming.

Hello Chris,

You have the GetReferrer from HTTPRequestHandler extension.

Just be carefull that ANY request from inside the page will make it return the page itself, so you may want to store the result locally on preparation, and do this ONLY if the page is being "loading" (I think the function is called IsPageLoad or IsPageLoading, don't remember right now).