AppLauncherPlugin and launching native apps within my native app


I am working on an app that will launch either web apps or native apps. Launching the web apps worked pretty well but launching native apps is not as easy.

I have to make this work for android and iOS and also detect if the app I am trying to open is installed on the device or not. 

If it is, it should open the app, if not, it should redirect to the store.

I have been able to configure to open the app when installed, but if not, on iOS it does not do anything (does not go to the store) and on Android it crashed the app.

Then I made some changes and at this point, it opens always in the store, wether the app I'm trying to open is installed or not.

So far I have been able to make it work for one device but not the other, or make the apps open in the store, but not all of the cases together.

Is there any direction I can take with this? Is there documentation on how to go about this?

Can I just use the applauncher plugin to make these identifications or do I need aditional development?

Thank you

Hi Maria João!

You should've probably posted this on the AppLauncher Plugin's support page.

AppLauncher allows you to check whether you will be able to launch the app (or if it is installed), as far as I can tell, it currently doesn't automatically redirect you to the app/play store (but maybe you can implement this by then launching App/Play Store on the app's download page?).

Apple's Universal Links or Android's App Links could help, but I don't know of any application in OutSystems that has implemented them (here's a Medium article on how to do Universal Links in Xcode, might help), and they are platform specific as far as i know.

This excerpt about Universal Links (iOS 9+) and App Links (Android 6.0+) from here might give you hints on how to proceed if you can implement them in iOS (underline mine):

Unlike URI schemes, which are a content “type” unique to your app, Universal Links and App Links are just standard deep web links ( that point to both a web page and a piece of content inside an app. When a Universal Link or App Link is opened, the device checks to see if any installed device is registered for that domain. If so, the app is launched immediately without ever loading the web page. If not, the web link (which can be a simple redirect to the App or Play Store) is loaded in the default web browser.