How can I preview the file that just upload by "upload widget"?

Hi, I have a question about the file preview function. My question is how can I preview the file that I just upload by "upload widget". I only see the file name in after upload. Can I preview the file before Save?


What do you mean by preview?

Why do you want that?

In any case, You will need a preview component for that that handles all kinds of filetypes for example.


You want preview the image before to send to server, right?

You can use a component on forge:



Hi Test Ac,

The Upload Widget represents a standard browser input of type file. This means that the content of the file is not available to the web page (i.e. to any JavaScript) until you submit the form. Also, because OutSystems uses a client/server technology for web apps, your OutSystems code can't see anything until you submit the form by pressing a button of type Submit.

That said, there are of course ways to preview a file using JavaScript, but if you had googled, you'd already know that.