Setting up MySQL Database connection with OutSystems

Hi everyone,

I'm currently facing a huge problem in connecting the MySQL database with OutSystems.

I setup my database using the MySQL Workbench but I can't connect the server to the OutSystems.

I tried both basic and advance configuration but i can't connect.

Hi Bhaarathan,

"Vehicle Booking Server" doesn't look like a valid Server name, so I'm not surprised the connection fails.

Hi Kilian,

It is 

Hi Bhaarathan,

Are you try to connect local database? You can't...

Hi Bhaarathan,

No it isn't. The logical name you have given this database is not what you can use in OutSystems. You need the physical name, i.e. the URL or IP-address from which it can be reached, which in your case seems tio be "". However, like Paulo already said, you can't connect from the cloud to a local database, unless you know exactly what you are doing (which, in all honesty, doesn't seem the case here).

Hi guys,

I also tried using the IP-address and even the advance configuration by entering the connection string parameters, it still did not work. I also tried the ngrok as the virtual server which is connected to the local server. None of the way works.

I just want to connect a external database to the OutSystems. The external database will be using is the MySQL DBMS. Is there any solution to solve this problem?




I think you don't understand. Your OutSystems environment runs in the cloud. So any database it must connect to must also be accessible from the cloud (i.e. internet). There are many solutions to solve this problem, but all this is not directly OutSystems-related, so this is not the right place to ask.