Connect development environment from oversea

Hi everyone,

I am working at company A with my Dev team.

My team are going to develop a system of company B from another country using OutSystems platform.

The situation is that company B deployed the platform server on-premises only, so my team cannot connect to development environment via cloud.

Now we are proposing 2 ways that can able to deal with it:

1. Using Virtual Private Network. 

    However, due to some security policy from 2 companies, we prefer do not do this way.

2. Setting up the development environment in our company A which is identical to the development environment in company B.

   Before purchasing new license, I would like to confirm that our team deliverables (  *.OML or *.OAP files) could be exported and then imported and published to development environment of company B without any troubleshooting about license difference between 2 environments like below?

   I understand that an  *.OML which has been developed in personal environment cannot be published in enterprise environment because of IPP violations.

   I also try to publish an *.OAP file from my personal environment to enterprise environment, it doesn't work.

Could you please to suggest any other way?


Minh Tran


Regarding option 2.. unless your environments share the same Activation Code you won’t be able to publish modules from A in B and vice-versa.


Hi João Heleno,

Thanks for your answer!

As you mention, I wonder if we can share the same Activation Code like this? So how many environment can be shared the same Activation Code?


Minh Tran


That depends on the licenses itself. If you have special needs that doesn't cover the  default License you should talk to Outsystems.

That’s something that is negotiated and gets attached to the Activation Code. 

Each available environment can have as many servers as you want. 

Thank you very much!

In summary, I note that the best way for our situation so far is: Requesting company B to share us their Activation Code by adding environments and obtaining license files (required to setup our company A infrastructure) from OutSystems® Platform Licensing 

Don't know how often you want to exchange the application(s) and how long this takes, but have you seen:

To be able to deploy applications to outside the infrastructure they belong, use the IPP portal. This service allows you to change the activation code of your applications. After going through the process, you'll be able to publish the applications in a different Infrastructure.

Hi Joost Rutten,

I'll also consider your suggestion. It depends on our customer company.