Why scaffolding only works for entities and not for WebServices and SAP connector?

While testing SAP connector, me and my colleague have encountered that results from SAP API can't be used for scaffolding when making webscreens. Same applies with Rest and SOAP webservice results.

So what I am after is, that when defining a Webservice or SAP Connector that returns a list (a table in SAP terms), I could build rapidly a webscreen that shows the results list as table-records widget and would like to do that with scaffolding. Eg. drag the API response table to webscreen canvas and Outsystems would generate a table records widget including the search field and scrolling buttons (well at least the scrolling buttons). Now - with SAP Connector or other Webservices response - you have to do all Screen layout work manually (add a table-record widget to your canvas, define the sourcelist to use the API response.list and define all your record fields one-by-one and make table scrolling yourself. 

Scaffolding seems to work only with entities.

Scaffolding is nice feature, wish I could use it with WebService response and SAP Connector response.

I think scaffolding is not possible with connector and webservice responses in any platform version.


You can create an Idea ==> https://www.outsystems.com/ideas/

There's already one more or less similar to what you describe.


And it's under the radar...


I visited the idea you referred and pressed 'like' button and gave my own supporting comments to original idea. Closing my own thread now.