Encountered an Error when recreating tables. can you help me with this error

Steps that I did.

1.       1. Create ‘ListCategory(Static Entity Table)’ in Service Studio Publish with no Error. 

2.       2. Open SQL Server to check the table, The Table Name was ‘ListCategory1’. Had Duplicate Name so what I did was delete the ListCategory1 Table in SQL Server First.

3.       3. Go Back to Service Studio and Delete the ‘ListCategory’.

4.       4. Recreate the ‘ListCategory’ table in Service Studio.

5.       5. Click Publish and Error was thrown.

6.       Generic SQL Error. Invalid object name 'OUTSYSTEMS-CIS.DBO.OSUSR_MQF_LISTCATEGORY1'. System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): Invalid object name 'OUTSYSTEMS-CIS.DBO.OSUSR_MQF_LISTCATEGORY1'.


Please check osys_entity and delete entry from there.



Hi Michael,

In general, you shoudn't mess with tables created by OutSystems directly in SQL Server, unless you know exactly what you are doing, lest you get errors like you experienced. In general though, when deleting a Static Entity's table from SQL Server, upon publishing it is recreated, but with the same physical table name. A solution to your problem (the SQL error upon publishing), could be to Ctrl-X/Ctrl-V the Static Entity, which will internally delete the old one and create a new one (with a physical table name probably ending with "2"), so you can publish again.

@Jitendra: messing with System Entities is a recipe for disaster, unless you very clearly know what you're doing, on risk of completely screwing up your installation. Never ever suggest this to novice users!


Thank you very much JitendraYadav and Kilian for the tip.

Was able to resolve the issue.