Outlook integration in outsystem


Can anyone tell me how to incorporate Outlook in outsystems?



The links you provided is for integrating OutSystems to Outlook, i.e. if I create a meeting in OutSystems, this will be synced to my Outlook calendar. 

Does this work for the other way around? So if I create a meeting in Outlook, is there a way to the create this in my app in OutSystems?

Also, for the people who have used the Exchange Web Services component, does this also update any changes made to a meeting/appointment?



If you are using O365 and Azure AD it is indded possible. You will need to create and register an application in your AD tenant etc. Assuming that you have it all in place then you can use micrsoft graph API and have your app to subscribe for calendar events. Subscription means that you app will reveive a call back from microsoft for those events giving you enough metadata details to fetch the calendar event info from your OS app.