[TTS Plugin] Not coming out of the speak

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Published on 2016-10-28 by Fábio Fantato
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Published on 2016-10-28 by Fábio Fantato

I am currently using the TTS plugin. It successfully finish the speaking of the text but never comes out of it i.e. any code after the speak is not getting called.

What is the output parameter of 'Succes'? What if you debug?

Joost Rutten wrote:

What is the output parameter of 'Succes'? What if you debug?

I am still unable to debug it, hence using the log message to see if the flow proceed further and I can't see the log message which I put after the speak node.

What input parameters do you use?

Hard coded "Test 123"

And for the parameters 'Locale' and 'Rate'?

Those parameters are not there for speak, those are specific to speakwithspeed. I am using speak in my app.

My bad... Maybe give the action a try, can tell you from my experience that one works!


Found the root cause in javascript. Need to change the javascript in speak action

TTS.speak($parameters.Text, successCallback, errorCallback );


TTS.speak($parameters.Text).then(successCallback, errorCallback);


Hi Prasad,

I saw your message only today.  I will fix it on the component and upload a new version with the fix.

Thanks to share your fix with us :)

Best regards