How to handle multiple login mechanisms in multi-tenant application - Web application

Hi Team,

We are creating multi tenant application, one tenant should have SSO enabled and other tenant wants only Forms authentication, how to achieve this in Out systems.




What kind of SSO method (SAML, OAuth or ..)? Login screen can come into play as long as you know what auth that specific Tenant should have. One implementation could be - on the login screen, it will have an input parameter pertaining to TenantId and on the preparation it will determine when the provided Tenant should do SSO - if so, it will redirect to another link where it could do a verification process and would return verified user information back to the application. Now that the app got the verified user, it will then match it with the User entity that has  extended property that can be used to link an external user. Given the userid, you can make use of the Login from System reference to create a login session.  On the other hand, if the TenantId should have form auth - the user will be using the normal login screen with username and password on it.

Hope this helps even on a high level.