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Published on 2016-12-20 by Barduino
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Published on 2016-12-20 by Barduino

Here is a simple demo of this component.


It's not working, Showing error message 1: cordova is not defined

Also on the Image Picker Details tab in the Forge there is this:

We are using OutSystems 10 Version 10.0.828.0.  

When I run ImagePickerDemo above in a web browser, it produces the error "1: cordova is not defined".  That makes sense:  a web browser is not a mobile device.  However, when I run ImagePickerDemo via OutSystems Now, it produces the message "2: Plugin is not installed".  How do I load the plugin?

Hi Amol and David,

In order to test custom plugins (not on the list of supported plugins of OutSystems Now) you will always have to do it from a native app running on your device.

Hello Jorge, I have also tried by installing APK in Android, But the app gets crashed. I have attached error log for both the error messages. 

Ok, from that error seems that:

  • There's effectively a problem with the plugin. You may want to check the logs of the build process for any errors from MABS while generating the native app. And you may also want to contact someone from the team directly.
  • You are not protecting your application against it (before using a functionality from a plugin you should always test if the plugin is available and if it isn't have a alternative plan (bypass that bit of functionality, warn the user it cannot proceed, or any other viable solution given your requirements). Why? Because your application code is automatically updated when your devices are running the application, and if an olde version of your native application gets updated with code that relies on a plugin it doesn't have... it will crash (just like it is crashing now).