Form Valid Property


Got a small problem related to Form Valid property.

I've a form with multiple input widgets. On the first input widget, i am doing a pattern check using a forge element which work fine by returning a TRUE and FALSE value.

The issue am facing is, when the user enter invalid pattern, i set the input widget Valid property as FALSE, which is turn set the form.valid as FALSE..which works fine.  Now, when i amend the incorrect pattern, the form valid property is still showing me as  FALSE and thus not execute the remain actions.

Is there any way to reset the valid property of a FORM.


Sunil Babar


Hi Sunil,

You can try to reset the valid property of the fields that you are validating. At the beginning of the action where you validate the input fields (or dropdown, checkbox, etc.), reset the input validation by setting the following variables:

'<Input_Field>.Valid = True', and 

'<Input_Field>.ValidationMessage = "" '

Kind regards,