Good day.

I have the following problem. In my development environment i do not get any error but when i publish my dev environment to my UAT environment there are suddenly errors. I am using the exact same data to test. Sorry if this is a dumb question but i really just don't get it.

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Hi David,

What errors do you get?

It's hard to help without know what is happening.

Abílio Matos

So the whole problem is as follows. 

At present in my dev environment I have a variable employerdata which gets all its attributes from employer entity. The entity and the assign of the EmployerData variable are done in the preparation. I use this varaible on another web page namely confirmation. So what needs to be done is a person will fill in all the details of the employer and this must then save to the entity and be asigned to the variable so that a person can use it again later to do a second confirmation. This works perfectly in my dev environment. When I use this same code in my production environment, the second confirmation then saves a blank employer name

Hi David,

How do you pass that variable to the next screen? 



Hi David,

How are you passing this "EmployerData" variable to the other page? Through input parameter or Session variable?
Are you sure you're testing in DEV and in UAT with the exat same data, in the exact same way and sequence?
Does you get any error message or LOG in Service Center?
Does the page shows any message in the Console (Browser) that can show an error in script?

We need more information in order to be of help.