In the URL, we are getting "(Not.Licensed.For.Production)=". Why?

Hi All,

Though we are using Enterprise edition, we are getting this "(Not.Licensed.For.Production)=" in the URL.

What could be the reason?

Hello Ananth

Probably because you are not using the prodution enviroment.

Hope it helps.


Hi Ananth,

The Enterprise license can have 3 kinds of environments: Development, Non-Production and Production.  Except Production all applications you run on Dev and Non-Prod envs has the "(Not.Licensed.For.Production)=" in the URL.

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Fabio Fantato


Hi ,

I am a newbie to outsystems , while i am still learning and i had resolved this issue by checking the "Anonymous" of the Web screen. (accessing to this web screen with this text in the URL "Not.Licensed.For.Production=")