Sending entire fragment from outsytems


I have created a form in Outsystems. Now the requirement is that through web service call,that complete form should be visible on the third party web application page. For example if my form in Outsystems page has "Name : "$name"(and this is an input field) "the complete section including the input field, we should be able to pass through web service from outsystems to the third party. If its "Gender :Male(with a dropdown of M/F)" need to pass the fields data plus the dropdown to the third party so that its visible in the third party web application exactly the  same way.

Say what?

You want to pass the complete html of the form to the webservice?

Very strange requirement.

What do you think how this should work?

Hi Shashankit,

Are you sure you understand the requirements? How would that even work? And what functionality is behind it? What does the 3rd party app do with this data? Are you trying to create a form in OutSystems and "convert" that so to speak to a 3rd party app?

I created a form on outsystems.

Now Using a third party application such as eclipse I'm using the same form page I created with the help of ajax. But Now when I'm trying to save the form on the third party application it's giving me an error as  Is it because outsystems is not letting my application make changes on it?

Hi Shashankit,

The image don't show (I just see white rectangles). Also, you still have not stated your use case. Why are you using 3rd-party tooling? How are you using OutSystems, and why?

Hi Shashankit,

Here what you are saying is not possible sending html through webservice, 

Instead, you can Expose the webserivce in Outsystems, and use it in the third party tool,

Like third party need to build the form and use this webservice to save the data in Outsystems (using POST).