add property to manifest.json

hi there

i want to use in app purchase plugin at

it needs to some property added to monifest.json in www folder , i do not know how can i do it with out systems? how can i change or modify manifest json file? anyone can help?


omid ghanbari

Daniël Kuhlmann wrote:

Hi Omid,

Maybe you find help on the following pages:



Hi daniel.

Thanks for your reply i have tested that links before but i could not find any syntax related to manifest all possible options in extensibility config are plugin.preference.icons.pages and there is no tags related to modify manifest.json or are undocumented


Omid ghanbari

Hello Omid,

Let split things up: if you want to implement that plugin, it's a good practice to fork that repository to a "controlled" place. This means that any change in the plugin's original repository will not affect your implementation.

Once you fork the plugin, it's fairly easy to change the manifest.json file on the www directory. Just clone the repository onto your local computer, do the change and then commit/push the new version.

Let me know if this helps.

Happy (low)coding!