display link in new tab from client action


I am trying to open a link in a new tab. I am using screen  action as a my destination and then using Extended URL.  In my extended properties for the link I used  target = "_blank". But it is not working. Does anyone have a solution for this.

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Hi, use Common\External URL as destination.

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Ye Yint wrote:

Hi, use Common\External URL as destination.

Yes this works if the link destination is a web screen. But in my case link destionation is a screen action and I have to do this task in the screen action. Anyways I was able to find a solution after many tries. I was able to navigate to a new window from my screen action.I used window.open() java script. In extended properties I have given onclick, and assigned
"window.open('MyURL link','blank')". This worked for me.. Thanks all for your answers

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For anybody wondering what this actually looks like: