Shall i use a Service App for my Data Core module?

Dear all,

i wonder if i should use a service app to publish my core data module instead of a blank moblie app as i learnt through the developper path...

Thanks for insights! :)

Hello Mate0o

Are you talking about the new Service type Application in version 11?

If so, You can think of it as a "Core Service", like the Core Business layer in the 4LC.
As so, if you want to provide a reusable service (server entities, server actions, etc), that can be used by multiple applications, both Web and Mobile Applications, I would say yes.




That decision is an architecture decision, it still makes sense to continue to built apps as before.

OutSystems 11 introduces Service, a new type of application and module that brings greater visibility of the software portfolio architecture into the development process. Service elements promote re-usability and the separation of concerns, mapping to the concept of core services in the 4 Layer Canvas and accelerating the design of complex applications. This results in maximum reuse of services across the software portfolio for greater agility.

You can use Services to abstract specific core concepts and expose functionality to other applications, following a service-oriented architecture.

Hope this clarifies your question.

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Daniel Martins


Thanks for your kind replies ! 

Much appreciate ! 

I'll use the service app since i'll need to reuse data through differents apps / modules :)

I'm going to learn more about the 4LC too.