Docker containers on Personal Environment

Is it possible to create docker containers from your personal environment?

I need to make a proof of concept, but i'm stuck at "Create and configure a containers Deployment zone"

  1. Go to the Service Center management console of your OutSystems environment;
  2. Go to the Administration section and select the Deployment Zones tab;
  3. Click the "New Deployment Zone" link;\


Hi DontPoke

I believe the Deployment Zones functionality is only available on on-premise installations (as stated in this article). As such, you will not be able to use them in a personal environment, as that is a cloud installation.

Hope this helps!



Hi DontPoke,

Carlos is right. Currently, Deployment Zones functionality isn't available in our Cloud offer.

But I would like to understand your use case. Can you elaborate the reasons that make you wish to use containers in OutSystems cloud, specially on your personal environment like you mentioned?


This is for a homework assignment concerning devOps (docker, docker-compose, gitlab)

Thanks for you fast reply! So, OK, it was just for your personal research. Got it.

Can I ask what were you expecting to achieve? Imagine that you have deployment Zones and containers available in the Cloud. What will you do with it?