Keeping Data when changing environment


I have an application in Development that has just been moved into our TEST environment. 

I have 2 separate but similar issues regarding the Data from the Development Environment.

1. I have a "Master Data" area which stores a lot of mostly static data (that is data that doesnt change, not static entities!). I would like to move the Data for these into the Test Environment.

2. I have multiple related entities that are used by the application, and would like to migrate some of the data into TEST. For example an Entity "Work", i want to move anything with id > 1000 into TEST. 

Is there an "easy" way to do this, or is the best way to move it directly on the database using SQL?

Also somewhat related. If I copied data over into a table and the ID's went from 1000 - 1200, and then used the CreateorUpdate action, would it add a new record at ID 1201 or 0001?



Have you checked this component

I shall check that out, seems to be able to handle what I am trying to do. 

Have you used it? Do you know if you have to install it on all the environments or just in one? 


It sounds like the component of Nuno is very nice to use, otherwise there are some other aproaches .. 

if you say static data but those are not static, maybe try to use statics :-) 

if you really don't want that the OutSystems approach is to use a excel resource and let it load automatically at deploy. I prefer an other approach, I just generate some upload pages for tables I want to preload and use them to upload the excels, in this way you have more control on what happens when with what data, for instance you have 4 of those semi static entities, you can update just one if there are some changes to the statics. With the pre-fill of data tables, that always can be a problem, all the outsystems entties have an autonumber identifier, if you copy related data tables from one environment to another the id's will change, or if you use sql to insert the data with the SQL Server : set identity_insert on it will remain the same, after switching it off the next id will be the max number + 1 

So to answer the last question, the next id would be 1201 in your case.

So ... check the component of Nuno, maybe it handles all the difficult stuff :-)

Hi Christopher,

If you have few tables to migrate why dont you use data import/export from sql management studio, and using the wizard choose the table(s) and transfer data.




Yes, I've already used.

You just need to install in one environment but the component needs to reach both databases.


I think you can bootstrap your existing data. See if the link below helps.


HI Cris,

Usually for the such static master data Boot Strap is a good option but as you mentioned if the data is related with multiple entities you can go for the database to database migration option.

you just need to create one script and every time when you want to copy data from one env to another you can use that script , yu may need to do some tweak in the script if you want to copy any specific data every time.



Thanks All for your help, I dont know which answer to mark as solution since all seem like viable options. I believe I shall export tables to excel and then bootstrap it into TEST - seems a more flexible option and allows me to more easily see and exclude data I do not want to bring into TEST. 

Hi Chris,

You can go with this option as you mentioned to create Boot Strap , Doing BootStrap will also add an timer which you can set to run on Publish.