Webservice call with Port number ('Unable to connect to the remote server')

Good day guys,

My app is consuming a webservice on Endpoint  

The app basically accesses the WS externally through the internet. In ServiceStudio, I am able  to access and use the WS methods. However, when I run my app, it fails to make a call to the WS with the error 'Unable to connect to the remote server'.

When I check the WSDL generated by ServiceStudio of the WS, I can see that it gets rid of the port number (see attached image) that I would have indicated on the URL. Without the port number, there is no way the call is gonna be success as it passes through some Firewall in the organisation.

Please can anyone help me on how to resolve this.





You can always change the url in service center,

1) Login to service center,

2) Select the eSpace that comsumed Webservices,

3) Select Integration tab

4) In the section "Consumed SOAP Web Services", select the webservice you want to change the url

5) Enter the Effective Url, after all the calls will take this endpoint.