[Google Maps Library] Zoom options in iOS Google maps have disappeared

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Published on 26 Feb by Labs
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Published on 26 Feb by Labs


We are running an app both for Android and iOS using the Google maps mobile SingleLocationMap to show single locations on a mobile screen. This is app has been running for over a year with the several Google maps options set, in this case 'zoomcontrole: true' to enable the zoom input in the right lower corner of the maps widget. In earlier version this has been running very smoothly on both iOS and Android. We have updated the component regulary (currently on version 3.0.0) both some version back, the zoom control options were no longer available for iOS devices.

We did not make any signficant changes to our maps implementation except for now either inputting geocoordinates or an address. Before it was just an address.

Current, configured map options are:

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as taken from https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/reference/3.32/map#MapOptions

By default, the zoomcontrol is always true btw. What did change for iOS and how do I get zoom control back? I read somewhere that certain maps api versions had an iOS bug related to the zoom control options. Maybe the api version needs to be updated? 

FWIW, I also tested mine, and you are indeed correct. I didn't notice in my app because I keep it as false, as I like the pinch to zoom and don't want to take away the real estate for the map with another control.  I did notice that your property is named "zoomcontrol" while the documentation says to use "zoomControl", but that didn't make a difference for me.  It's possible that there was an update in iOS 12 that broke it?

I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with iOS12. I regulary test my app on several iOS devices and I remember the controls were also gone on iOS11 and currently also on an older iPhone 5C with iOS10. Currently, my mapoptions do not contain the zoomControl option since it should be enabled by default (that explains the typo since I added it for description purposes). On Android, this works and the controls are displayed, but not on iOS.

My best guess so far is that it has something to do with the Maps javascript API version or with some combination of mapoptions that maps requires. UX wise, we prefer the zoomcontrol options over other zooming options like two-finger pinch zoom so that's why I'm looking to restore it for iOS.

Hi Jordy, 

I have done a search on the internet and found that people report the same problem with a API version. So i believe that the problem is in fact related to the API version.

That being said have you managed to find a work around for this problem? I'm having the same problem and wanted to know if someone managed to solve it before i start to dig more in to it.