[PACE] How to implement?

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Published on 2017-06-29 by Miguel Domingues
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Published on 2017-06-29 by Miguel Domingues

How can i use this in my web page?

Hello Jose,

I dug through the application and came up with this:

  1. Open PageProgressBar and change PACE\PageLoadProgress to be public
  2. In your application, open Manage Dependencies
  3. Add a dependency on one of the PACEThemes within PageProgressBar as well as PACE\PageLoadProgress
  4. Drag PACE\PageLoadProgress onto your page and then drag your theme into the web block's placeholder

Once you've done that, it should work on your page load.  You also now have access to the Pace object in JavaScript, based on the API at http://github.hubspot.com/pace/

Can you let me know how that goes?