NextStep Boston: The highlights

Hi everyone, 

Last week, the OutSystems Community team was in Boston for our annual NextStep conference, and I’m pleased to inform you all that it was a tremendous success! 

Besides a great keynote session hosted by a former executive at Tesla Motors, Apple Computer, and Gap Inc.?George Blankenship?and a fantastic demo from our CEO Paulo Rosado, we had a full day dedicated to developers, followed by a special development track. 

But, don’t worry if you missed it; we were just warming-up for ODC. Here are some highlights from the Boston sessions: 

  • In Developing Mobile Apps, Mobile Expert Miguel Vicente showed how building mobile apps doesn’t have to be rocket science. He explained, step-by-step, how to create incredible experiences for users with the OutSystems platform?and it took him less than 45 minutes.

  • In Domains and Service Architecture, Lead Architect Francisco Menezes talked about how monolithic systems can slow down digital transformation efforts and showed how a decoupled architecture that follows microservices principles can help overcome those hurdles. 

  • In Blockchain Demystified, Senior Solution Architect Rui Barbosa shared an overview of blockchain 101 before launching a step-by-step demonstration of how to create a blockchain-enabled app with OutSystems. It was that awesome.

  • In Accelerating the QA Validation Cycles, Mark DeArmon and Sameer Bendre talked about the importance of quality assurance to the success and happiness of users and showed how testing with OutSystems saves time and speeds up change processes. 

We closed the day with three sessions of Q&A where our guests could ask our experts anything they wanted on DevOps, Architecture, and Development.

So, if you’re coming to ODC, I hope these highlights were enough to whet your appetite. But you know what’s even better? They are just a small sample of what we’re preparing for you. 

Stay tuned!


It was awesome and you to Vera!


Pramod Jain