Hi All,

I'm still evaluating Outsystems and one of our requirements is building multiple surveys ( 20 -30) per project. Initially, I thought of using Outsystems to build the surveys but then got to know this way, I will be creating a lot of objects which is basically what Outsystems charge on.

I have come across an open source survey building tool SurveyJs (https://surveyjs.io/Overview/Service/) which allows end users to build the surveys without coding and the ability to embed the surveys within custom web apps.

I was wondering if I build the surveys in SurveyJs and embed the code in a web app developed in Outsystems would this lower the object consumption within Outsystems.

  1. Considering SurveyJs integrates with JavaScript frameworks like Angular2+, jQuery, Knockout, React, and Vue.js would we be able to embed the surveys in web apps developed in Outsystem?

  2. Will each form created in SurveysJs be treated as an object in Outsystems or can we setup a Surveyjs object per Survey (i.e a survey with 10 forms created in SurveyJs = 1 object in Outsystems)?

Or should I just build the surveys in Outsystems? But then how do I ensure, I do not create a lot of objects. The response from each survey has to go into a database Entity.



Hello Jagjit,

OutSystems charges on Application Objects, which includes:

  • Pages
  • Tables (the actual tables, row count is not a factor)
  • APIs

So, if you build a survey application, I would assume you would have a few tables and some sort of a survey page.  The survey page would include various web blocks to build itself, but web blocks are not included in the page count towards Application Objects.

I built a survey application, which not only includes the data to store the results, but also administration and reporting pages.  It uses 35 application objects in total, but could definitely be trimmed down to reduce functionality.  And keep in mind, the application objects are pages created in OutSystems and tables in this case, so no matter how many surveys I create or how many responses I have, it will always only be a total of 35 application objects.

Regarding building your surveys with SurveyJs, I'm not familiar with the library but I would assume you would have some sort of web block to include it and then just the backing data.  In that case, the tables you create to store the surveys and their results would be application objects.

See here for more detail: https://success.outsystems.com/Support/Enterprise_Customers/Licensing/Overview/Application_Object_count

I hope that helps!

Hey Jagjit,

I threw together a quick example of how you could create re-usable surveys.  There is an administration piece, as well as a way to take surveys.  You could certainly extend it further by adding multiple field types, re-ordering fields, etc.  Here is the ERD:

And the oml is attached.

I saw your private message, I will take a look and see if there are any unanswered questions from there.

Thank you