Can we have input field into a block?


I have added two inputfield inside the block. Now when I used this block into application.

On Screen, I drag the block and bottom I added a button.

Now I tried to get the input value from inputfield after button click, its not coming.

But when I put the button inside the block and raise a event handler then after button click I am getting the input value.

Please let me know what happening?



Hi Dileep,

Web-blocks has their own local area and accessibility of controls and variable, so you cannot access the variable or control on the main page where you drag the webblock .

There is way to notify the main webform (parent) from webblock as and when required depending upon the requirement .

Can you give me some more insight about your case so that i can provide you the best solution.



That's the nature you must connect screen parent and screen child using event on P11 or using onNotify on previous version.

Parent should has handle from child screen. The lifecycle is different.